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About BEANS International Corporation

We are Distributing Quality control equipment and products for all manufacturing companies.


Heart of Silicon Valley - San Jose Down Town

Beans International Corporation (BIC), established in January 1999, is located in the heart of Silicon Valley — San Jose, California. Our mission is to supply the best process equipment available in Japan and other Asian countries to the American device/PCB manufacturers.

Although the company itself is still relatively new, our staff has 20+ years of experience in marketing quality test equipment in the United States. We have carefully chosen the most reliable and cost-effective products which can significantly improve production throughput, yield, and product quality, while substantially reducing manufacturing costs.

Our strong tie with some of the most prestigious equipment manufacturers in Japan and Asia allows us to deliver you the best quality equipment at the lowest possible prices. From Japan, we import equipment no one else sells in the United States; equipment that enabled Japan to develop her current state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the highest quality standard. From other Asian countries, we import high-quality, low-cost components and accessories underwritten by their abundant production capabilities and outstanding quality management methodologies.

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction through quality products, excellent services, and customized solutions. All of our staff are not only experts of the latest manufacturing technologies in the electronics and semiconductor industries, but are also trained to recognize and deliver the best product solutions for the next-generation technologies and applications to each of our customers. Our team of engineers will provide timely services and support whenever and wherever required.

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